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Mikkee the Martian returns to Earth
on the wings of Pegasus

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Mikkee the Martian

supernatural adventure

This great, new publication by Pegasus is available from the 25th May, price £3.99 / $4.99.
Order online from or amazon. 

supernatural adventure

                   Peter Locke

After 50 years as a television cameraman,

telling other peoples stories, Peter retired

to write tales of his own childhood imagination, for others to read.   

supernatural adventure

             Mikkee the Martian

Able to Shape change, Mikkee has come to Earth for some research and rest, disguised as a young boy, who befriends twins Billy and Jilly Watson.

More About Mikkee the Martian

Mikkee has returned to Earth for some research and recreation.

Amongst his abilities are those of shape changing, teleportation, and mind control.

On arrival Mikkee met with 8 year old twins Billy and Jilly Watson.

The trio have been on many exciting supernatural  adventures, both in time and space, in this world and beyond.

supernatural adventure

Other Mikkee Children's books

supernatural adventure

Mikkee and the twins are watching a programme about ghost hunting. Billy does not believe in ghosts, but Mikkee knows otherwise. He invites the twins to visit a haunted house. There they meet a ghost and hear an evil story of how he was left to roam the Earth. Mikkee summons a higher authority, finds a solution to the ghost's problems and solves a hundred year old murder mystery.

supernatural adventure

It's the weekend and the Watsons visit an ancient castle. Billy is not amused. A pompous guide gives them a tour of the castle. Mikkee sees the ghost of a king leaning against the entrance, playing the clown he gives the twins the power to see him too. The king shows Mikkee and the twins a secret room and a passage leading to a smuggler's cave. Jilly finds some treasure.

supernatural adventure

Billy wins a competition to visit a TV studio where an episode of Space Quest is being filmed. There Jilly meets her heart-throb, the star of the show. Billy gets to pilot a space ship on the set and Mikkee saves the production by using his special powers. The twins are given an award and, after saying the programme was rubbish, Mikkee makes a promise.

supernatural adventure

True to his promise, Mikkee takes Billy and Jilly for a trip to Mars. The planet holds many surprises, including how it really looks. The twins learn all about Martian life and how there are many secrets about life on Mars. including the pastimes and recreations of its inhabitants. Billy is treated to a major sporting event and Jilly is entertained by one of her favourite bands. 

Christmas Special

supernatural adventure

Santa and the Genie is an Ideal Christmas present.

Read how Mikkee and the twins go to a pantomime, then meet a real Genie

The trio visit Santa's grotto and then his real workshop.

Jilly pets the reindeer and the twins go for a ride in the sky.

Billy and Jilly receive some surprise Christmas presents. 

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