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Peter Locke

Peter Locke retired after 50 years as a television producer, director and studio cameraman.


As a young child, Peter was always an avid storyteller. He was constantly being asked by his teachers to tell his stories to the rest of the class.


This passion for storytelling continued into Peter’s adult years, which led him to a career in the entertainment industry.


His vivid imagination, combined with more than half a century in a creative workspace, finally made him decide to focus on writing fiction, so he can share his stories with the rest of the world.


People have always appreciated Peter’s off-beat sense of humour and unique points of view, which have made his writing style stand out beyond the conventional norm.


Peter’s first series of books is aimed at a younger audience, both boys and girls, who enjoy science fiction. The series is about Mikkee the Martian, who comes to Earth for research and relaxation. Shortly after he arrives, he meets twins, Billy and Jilly Watson, whom he befriends and then embarks upon several, exciting adventures with.


The Mikkee the Martian series is funny, moving and full of surprises. The books are a must-read for any child between the ages and 6 and 12, though older siblings and relatives might find themselves chuckling along too. They make the perfect bedtime story!


Watch this space as future books in the Mikkee the Martian series are released, along with other stories from Peter Locke’s compelling penmanship.

Mikkee the Martian

Mikkee the Martian is a series of exciting, fun-filled, science fiction stories that are a must-read for children and the perfect bedtime story, though older siblings and relatives might find themselves chuckling along too.


Mikkee, the quirky central character, with his extra-terrestrial abilities, that include shape-shifting, time-travelling and teleportation, whisks his young, newly-found, earthly friends, twins Billy and Jilly Watson, to exotic places, where they meet an eclectic cast of characters.


From a base in rural England, the trio embark upon a series of thrilling adventures to mythical, mystical and magical lands, both here on earth, as well as in the farthest reaches of space, time and beyond.


Often, things are not quite what they seem and, wherever jeopardy ensues, Mikkee's super-human powers enable him to save the day.


Mikkee the Martian takes readers on amazing journeys that are both entertaining and amusing. The characters, situations and themes in each story, whether real or mythical, historical or modern, turn clichés on their heads, with surprising, dramatic and frequently-humorous results.


The stories encourage children to expand their imaginations and challenge the predictable, by experiencing unusual places, unexpected events and unconventional characters, which will both surprise and delight.


Mikkee the Martian finds absurdity in the mundane, encouraging children to look beyond the norm. It subtly communicates a firm moral code and the importance of diverse relationships, while providing an engaging slant on bygone characters and events.


By exploring different cultures, conventions and beliefs, Mikkee the Martian illustrates the importance of tolerance and acceptance in all sociaties.


In addition to inspiring readers to explore the unknown, question the unusual, and adopt strong moral tendencies, Mikkee the Martian advocates a thirst for knowledge, a zest for adventure, and an appetite for fun.

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